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Tellus Wellness Taps Nomi Health as Its Partner to Pay Providers

June 6, 2024

SALT LAKE CITY, May 30, 2024–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nomi Health, a company changing healthcare economics, is partnering with Tellus Wellness to streamline its provider payment process. Tellus Wellness provides a complementary care benefit program for employer-sponsored healthcare that lowers costs and gains access for its members. Tellus is leveraging Nomi to simplify payments and reduce administrative waste.

Tellus providers receive payment in just 24 hours, a significant reduction from the healthcare industries’ approximate 30-60-day payment cycles.

“Contracting with and retaining quality, talented providers hinges greatly on our ability to process provider payments on time — a requirement shared by provider groups across the country,” said Donna Goldin Evans, CEO and co-founder of Tellus Wellness. “Our providers have told us the benefit of being paid within days — not months — through a direct payment system is ‘a game-changer.’”

Nomi Health eliminated unnecessary payment delays by implementing streamlined electronic payment options, accelerating the payment process and relieving the revenue-cycle management strain on providers across the Tellus Wellness network.

“Archaic payment processes to providers are unsustainable. They are wreaking havoc on provider groups across the country, making revenue management almost impossible,” said Boe Hartman, CTO and co-founder of Nomi. “The good news is that this is 100% avoidable, and groups such as Tellus Wellness are leading the charge in adopting modern payment systems for the benefit of providers and their patients.”

A provider in the Tellus Wellness Network, Angela Cash, the business owner of Help with Massage and a licensed massage therapist focusing on medical and therapeutic massage, said: “I love the partnership we have with a team of people to back us up when we have questions and the turn-around time for our revenue cycle is amazing, almost unheard of next to cash pay.”

“With Tellus Wellness and Nomi Health, the benefits are straightforward, and we are reimbursed quickly and seamlessly,” said Dr. Hunter Greenwood, owner of Chiropractic Plus and licensed in chiropractic and naturopathic medicine.

Tellus Wellness currently offers its services in Southwest Missouri with plans to expand in Missouri and other states.

Learn more about the partnership with Nomi Health in our article on LinkedIn.

About Nomi Health

Nomi Health powers a new model of healthcare for buyers of care and their partners. The company simplifies the business of healthcare with payment rails and programs built specifically for self-funded employers, governments and their partners, such as TPAs, brokers, and consultants.

At Nomi Health, our long-term mission is to rebuild U.S. healthcare to run at half the cost. Nomi delivers actionable analytics, direct access to medical and pharmacy services, and real-time payment rails to transform how providers deliver great healthcare to plans and programs.

Founded in 2019, Nomi Health serves more than 3,200 customers nationwide, impacting 30 million lives and influencing over $150 billion in healthcare spend. Learn more at nomihealth.com.

About Tellus Wellness

Founded in 2018, Tellus Wellness has created a value-based program that offers complementary medicine benefits through an excellent member experience that is cost-effective for members and for their employers who fund health benefits for employees and families.

The program provides technology-enabled navigation to educate enrolled individuals on in-network, accredited complementary medicine providers and guide them to the specialties that evidence-based studies have shown have the greatest potential to positively impact their symptoms and desired health goals.

Payment to the provider occurs in 24 hours or less with an innovative process operated by Nomi Health, a strategic partner of Tellus Wellness.

Learn more at www.telluswellness.com

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Priya Shah
mPR, Inc. for Nomi Health