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Non-dilutive Government Funding Options

Get Assistance Securing Non-Dilutive Funding

If you’re interested in seeking federal government funding (non-dilutive), BioUtah has a program for you! We’ve contracted with Washington DC-based consulting firm G2G Consulting with expertise in connecting companies with grant funding. They can help you!

Please check out the introductory video below and contact Denise Bell at denise@bioutah.org for more information.


Current Report

Access the most current GBG Report, including current non-dilutive funding opportunities by clicking the image above or by clicking here.

The GBG report has several non-dilutive government funding opportunities, notices of special interest, and other opportunities. Info for the webinar and some highlights to share with BioUtah members are as follows:

  • Monthly Non-Dilutive Funding: GBG Reporting Service Webinar: Thursday, May 16, 2024, 10:00-10:30 AM MDT (FREE and open to all)
    then from 10:30-11:00 AM MDT (premium service and private consultation for BioUtah members, G2G clients and GBG customers). * Please note the shift in Webinar Day & Time for 2024.

About G2G Consulting

G2G is a bipartisan team of non-dilutive funding experts and government affairs professionals who have spent decades working for and with government on the federal, state and local levels – successfully representing bioscience, healthcare, and high-tech innovators, entrepreneurs, research institutions, companies and nonprofits in securing$322 million in non-dilutive government funding.


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Included for BioUtah Members

As a BioUtah member, you are entitled to the following benefits with G2G Consulting:

  • Q&A during monthly webinars
  • One-on-one call to review your innovation and access government opportunities
  • Questions on how government works, related issues covered by agencies

Paid Follow Ups

  • Request for personalized plan or execution of that plan, which is a Strategic Roadmap
  • Request for personalized access to G2G’s contacts and high-level officials in government
  • Request for personalized shaping of funding levels, policies and/or regulations

G2G Consulting Principal Bios

Liz Powell, ESQ., MPH
Founder & President, G2G Consulting

Liz is originally from the Boston, MA area and has over two decades of experience from working on health, defense, high-tech and economic development issues in Congress and as an attorney and lobbyist. She started G2G in 2007 and manages government relationships and operations in our Washington, D.C. and Ohio offices. Previously, Liz served as the Legislative Director for Congressman Jim Langevin (RI) and Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald (CA) in Washington, D.C., campaign staff for Congressional and presidential campaigns, Public Affairs Manager and lobbyist for a national association called NAADAC, the President of a women’s networking organization called WIN, and the Policy Analyst for the UK Parliament on the Health Committee. As Legislative Director, Liz managed all funding requests in the annual appropriations and National Defense Authorization Act legislative drafting process for the Member. She also staffed the House Armed Services Committee and Small Business Committee work, ran the Congressional Women’s Caucus and launched the Congressional Disabilities Caucus. She has crafted legislation and campaigns to move bills through the process to enactment; built coalitions; ran a PAC (political action committee); and organized media events. Liz co-founded the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s D.C. Alumni Chapter, serves on its Alumni Giving Committee, and is in the Colgate President’s Club. Liz loves government affairs and brings enthusiasm, connections and significant legal, policy and grassroots know-how to all clients.

Greg Kapcar, MPA, LSW
Public Affairs Director, G2G Consulting

Greg Kapcar brings more than two decades of experience and measurable results in public relations, advocacy, public policy, and strategic engagement to the G2G team. Based in Cleveland, he manages business development for G2G and government affairs for clients. For twelve years, Greg worked for the statewide non-profit, OhioGuidestone, which provides behavioral health treatment services, skill-building programs, and prevention opportunities for children and their families. While at OhioGuidestone, he developed a government affairs and public policy program, which focused on improving social welfare policy, and secured more than half a million dollars in appropriations and private grant funding. Greg also lived and worked in Columbus, where he served for seven years as the Legislative Director of the Public Children Services Association of Ohio, a statewide membership association of Ohio’s county Public Children Services Agencies. He led efforts to advance legislative and policy initiatives, resulting in a dozen pieces of legislation being signed into law; facilitated collaborative work across professional disciplines and state departments; and organized membership events, regional and statewide public forums, discussions, training, and planning summits. Most recently, Greg led a small non-profit in Cleveland, managing customer and public relations, advertising and marketing, employee supervision, human resources, and sales. His unique blend of experiences, education and passion as an advocate, social worker, lobbyist and manager make him an asset to the G2G team. Greg has participated in the Executive Leadership Institute at the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs at Ohio University and is a member of the Board of Directors for Riverside Cemetery Association.

G2G Case Studies

Isto Biologics (formerly Arteriocyte)
Hopkinton, MA

G2G has worked with Isto Biologics for nearly a decade and secured $11.3 million over 4 years for cellular therapy research, $3 million in FY2012 defense authorization legislation expanding this work, and $25 million for BARDA medical countermeasures contract.

Cleveland, OH and Fort Myers, FL

G2G worked with Neurowave for one year and secured $5 million for a trauma care device.

University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH

G2G worked with University of Cincinnati for under two years and secured $6 million directly and another $25 million for related policy initiative all on the federal level of government.

PAST Foundation
Columbus, OH

G2G worked with PAST Foundation for eight years and secured several funding awards totaling $2 million to advance STEM education programming.