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Start chatting, get insights and updates and network with your Utah Regulatory community here.

The Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS) has recently authorized the creation of the Utah Chapter, including a private online community for Utah regulatory professionals.

Benefits of Joining the RAPS Utah Chapter

• Access to critical information to keep up with regulatory standards
• Network with other industry and regulatory peers
• Access to educational and certification opportunities at a lower cost
• Local engagement and support
• Job search and post
Your participation and help in publicizing this chapter to your colleagues and industry peers will encourage RAPS to commit more resources to nurture the regulatory profession in Utah. The creation of this community also better supports RAPS’ mission to: Develop and sustain a competent global regulatory workforce that drives good regulatory practice and policy to advance public health. You do not need to be a RAPS dues-paying member to create a login and take advantage of the information being shared in the RAPS Chapter. However, if you are not a member, you will not have access to many benefits (e.g. discounts, member profiles). To learn more about joining RAPS, go to http://www.raps.org/join-raps/. Note: If your company has an enterprise membership you will need to complete your account profile to include your local site’s address – this step will make sure you are populated in our chapter. And join our LinkedIn group!

RAPS Chapter Log in Instructions

2. Click “Sign In” towards the upper, right hand corner of the page
3. Either sign in to an existing account, or scroll down to create a new one (“Create and Account”)
4. When creating a new account, once you are signed in, click on the blue “Global Network & Community” tab, then click the pink “Learn More” tab in the Regulatory Exchange box (first box, top left)
5. On the Regulatory Exchange homepage, click the “Communities” tab and then click “All Communities” (in the future, once you’ve joined the Utah Chapter, you search “My Communities”)
6. Find the Utah Chapter and click “Join”
The RAPS Utah chapter opens up local access to global knowledge through face-to-face and online dialogue. As fast as regulations change, we need to work together to be successful. And our sights are set broader than Utah, welcoming members from Missoula to Tucson! — Robert Wolfarth, Chair of the RAPS Utah Chapter; Sr. Manager Regulatory Affairs, Merit Medical