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State Legislature Wraps Up Special Sessions

May 1, 2020

Last week, the Utah State Legislature wrapped up three special sessions in which lawmakers passed a number of bills to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, including measures to expand unemployment benefits and to provide immunity from coronavirus claims for business operators. Another special session will be held, likely in May, to consider adjustments to the $20 billion state budget passed earlier this year.

A rundown of key bills approved by the legislature and signed by the Governor care are outlined below:

SB3007 – Immunity Related to COVID-19 – except in cases of gross negligence, provides immunity to business operators from claims that customers acquired COVID-19 while visiting the business. 

SB3003Unemployment Benefit Amendmentsprovides for first week coverage of unemployment benefits as funded by the federal government under the CARES Act.  Previously Utah did not provide first week coverage.

SB3002Emergency HealthCare Access & Immunity Amendmentsprovides immunity to health care providers, except for gross negligence, when providing care during a major public health emergency. Allows off-label use of certain devices and drugs already approved by FDA and provides limited immunity for healthcare providers who use investigational devices or drugs during a major public health emergency. Immunity applies to the provider, not the manufacturer. 

SB3004 – Covid-19 Health and Economic Response Act – creates the Public Health and Economic Emergency Commission tasked with advising the Governor on the state’s economic response to COVID-19.

SB3006 – Covid-19 Financial Relief Funding – provides $20M in grants for agricultural operations, individual housing grants and subsidies for up to one month of rent for commercial operations.