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Biosphere Content Submission

Biosphere 2023 Content Submission

For the last several years, BioUtah has teamed with Utah Business to publish Biosphere, BioUtah’s annual magazine showcasing Utah’s life sciences industry. This year’s publication will highlight many of individuals and companies driving innovation and making a difference in patient care.

Biosphere will be distributed as an accompaniment to the September issue of Utah Business and will reach more than 100,000 people at over 21,000 companies throughout Utah and the West.

I invite you to participate in the 2023 edition of Biosphere by purchasing an acknowledgment. Acknowledgments are to a non-profit what advertising is to a for-profit operation. Your support not only makes Biosphere possible, but helps hundreds of thousands of people come to know and appreciate the invaluable impact of the Utah’s life sciences industry.

Thank you for your participation in the 2023 edition of Biosphere magazine. Please click a button below to submit your acknowledgment or article.

Please contact BioUtah (801.867.4061) if you have any questions regarding your acknowledgment or article, including sizing, colors, etc.

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