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Senator Orrin Hatch Honored for Biotech Advocacy

April 23, 2018

Jim Greenwood, CEO of BIO, acknowledges Senator Hatch for his groundbreaking work in biotechnology policy following his honors at BIO’s 25 Years of Innovation this month.

“On Tuesday, BIO honored the Member of Congress who has arguably done more than any other to create this competitive advantage and stand up the U.S. biotechnology sector over the last four decades – U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah).

When the story of the BIO century and the new golden age of cures is written, the leadership of Utah’s senior senator will be on page one. He has driven almost every piece of groundbreaking legislation that has ensured our industry will thrive. He is the architect of the modern biotech ecosystem. If his name is not actually on the legislation, he has pushed it through Congress as the Chairman of the Senate HELP, Finance and Judiciary Committees.”

You can read the full article on BIO’s web site.