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Salt Lake Tribune Features IONIQ Sciences Breast Cancer Screening Technology

December 22, 2021

In a sign that our BioHive is truly buzzing, the Salt Lake Tribune, recently ran an article on advances in breast cancer detection, highlighting the innovative breast cancer screening technology being developed by IONIQ Sciences.

The article notes that IONIQ has teamed up with IONIQ scientific advisor and University of Utah assistant professor, Dr. Benjamin Sanchez-Terrones, from the College of Engineering “to create a device that sends an electrical current – so small it can’t be felt – through a patient’s body to detect a change in fluid that may indicate a person has cancer.” Otherwise known as bioimpedance.

An early clinical study conducted on 48 women, 24 with malignant breast cancer and 23 with benign lesions, showed the technology was 70% effective at predicting whether a patient has cancer and 75% effective at determining if a person did not have cancer.

“We want to change the status quo of how these patients are diagnosed,”said Dr. Sanchez-Terrones.

“We are fortunate to collaborate with such world-renowned scientific advisors,” said Jared Bauer, CEO of IONIQ Sciences. “Together we can modernize early-stage cancer detection.”

Earlier this month, the prestigious IEEE Access peer-reviewed journal published a scientific manuscript, co-authored by Sanchez-Terrones, on the life-saving potential of IONIQ Sciences ‘breakthrough’ bioimpedance technology in breast cancer. The technology is already being used by IONIQ Sciences to predict the presence of lung cancer. In fact, IONIQ’s lung cancer technology has received a Breakthrough Device Designation from the FDA.

“Our growing body of clinical evidence continues to show the body’s electrical properties change in the presence of cancer and that our technologies can detect that change,” added Bauer. “With our top-notch scientists, we are decoding the science of the body’s earliest response to the presence of cancer.”