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Reports listed in reverse chronological order (most recent first).

September 2021
Biosphere 2021 »

Welcome to BioUtah’s 2021 Utah Life Sciences Magazine. You’ll notice that our annual publication has a new name, Biosphere. The new name complements this year’s theme, “The Rise of the BioHive” and reflects a new phase of opportunity, growth and visibility for Utah’s vibrant life sciences industry. Biosphere will help carry that message.

We often joke that Utah’s life sciences sector – one of the fastest growing in the nation – flies beneath the radar. But that’s changing with BioHive— a bold new initiative, driven by BioUtah, to tell the story of the state’s life sciences industry and raise its profile on the local, national and global stage.

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July 2021
Doing Business in Salt Lake City »

In this guide, you will find the steps, tips and resources you need to start a business in Utah’s capital city.

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October 2020
Utah’s Life Sciences Industry Magazine 2020 »

This year’s theme, Taking on COVID-19, highlights the exceptional efforts of Utah’s life sciences industry to combat the virus, protect public health, and mitigate damage to the economy.

Our cover story on BioFire Diagnostics takes an in-depth look at how this Utah company has revolutionized infectious disease diagnostics and is now using their technology to respond to the pandemic. Inside, you’ll also see how other life sciences companies in the state are making a difference – from testing supplies and diagnostics, to therapeutics and PPE – they’ve
stepped up.

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October 2019
Utah Life Sciences Elevated »

That the State of Utah’s economy has been on a rapid rise over the last decade is not new news.

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October 2019
Utah’s Life Sciences Industry Magazine 2019 »

Welcome to the second annual BioUtah Life Sciences Magazine. This year’s theme — This is the Place – For Life Sciences — says it all. Consistently ranked among the top states for business, Utah boasts one of the fastest growing life sciences industries in the nation. The industry, which includes medical device manufacturing, diagnostics, biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals, is also among the fastest growing economic sectors in the state.

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October 2018
Utah’s Life Sciences Industry Magazine 2018 »

Welcome to Utah Life Sciences Magazine, the first in a series of special publications that take an in-depth look at the state’s life sciences industry.

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April 2018
Utah Life Sciences Industry Report 2018 »

This is BioUtah’s report on the life sciences industry in Utah.

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