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Launch of Xenter Therapeutics

June 25, 2021

Following the close of $12M in Series A funding, Xenter, Inc., the world’s first start-up Device-Data-Drug healthcare technologies company, announced the launch of the Xenter Therapeutics business unit. Xenter Therapeutics will lead the therapeutic drug element of Xenter’s mission and vision and is headed by President and Xenter board member David J. Bearss, PhD, a biotech industry leader and serial entrepreneur with multiple therapeutic drug company exits.

“Under Dr. Bearss leadership, Xenter Therapeutics is certain to flourish,” said Kelvyn Cullimore, president and CEO of BioUtah. “We congratulate Xenter on this new therapeutics launch.”

Xenter Therapeutics’ first initiative is the purchase of a novel ROR gamma T (RORγT) drug in the clinical testing stage. The new drug has successfully completed a phase 1 clinical trial in normal healthy volunteers and the company is preparing its next clinical trial of the drug for a new indication in early 2022.

The retinoic acid-related orphan receptor-gamma T (RORγT) is a nuclear receptor transcription factor that acts as a master control switch for immune cells leading to the differentiation of Th17 (helper T-cells) immune cells that produce and secrete Interleukin-17, which is a key mediator of chronic and autoimmune-related inflammation. Xenter’s new RORγT inverse agonist, XT-0528, has low nanomolar potency in inhibiting the transcriptional activation of RORγT and has the potential to selectively suppress Th17 driven chronic inflammation.

“The acquisition of XT-0528 is an amazing way to launch Xenter Therapeutics. Day one of Xenter’s therapeutic drug business unit began with the achievement of a significant milestone that instantly makes Xenter a clinical stage pharmaceutical company. RORγT is a target that has generated great scientific interest and has attracted several pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to pursue it as a drug target. Xenter Therapeutics has unique insight into the potential of targeting RORγT to reprogram both pro-inflammatory and regulatory T lymphocytes and regulate cytokines involved in various inflammatory-mediated diseases. The strength of the preclinical and early clinical data leads us to believe that XT-0528 has potential as an oral therapy for a number of inflammatory and autoimmune indications,” stated David J. Bearss, PhD, President of Xenter Therapeutics.

Following the recently completed phase 1 single ascending dose trial, Xenter Therapeutics plans on initiating a phase1/2 clinical trial in the first half of 2022. This study will assess the safety, pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic properties of XT-0528 and the phase 2 portion of the study will evaluate mechanism-related biomarkers and efficacy in patients.

“As a company, Xenter is innovating new wireless technologies and techniques for interventional medicine and launching a digital health platform that leverages medical data in a format that enables therapeutic drug research,” according to Founder, Chairman and CEO Richard J. Linder.

“I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. David J. Bearss as President of our new business unit, Xenter Therapeutics,” Linder continued. “Throughout David’s career, he has repeatedly exemplified excellence in scientific exploration and innovative thought. David’s track record in drug development is remarkable…”