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Known Medicine Shows Its BioHive Pride

June 4, 2021

Known Medicine is creating the world’s largest purpose-built 3D cell culture data set to predict the best drug for every cancer patient and create the best drug for every cancer. From patient tumor samples the company generates hundreds of micro-tumors on our proprietary platform and treat them with an extensive panel of drugs or drug combinations.

Through machine learning-based image analysis, Known Medicine determines drug sensitivity. Their data set grows by thousands of images with each patient sample allowing Known Medicine to make biological, computational, and clinical insights. Data can be provided to oncologists for use as a decision support tool or via partnership with pharmaceutical companies for clinical trial or companion diagnostic patient selection.

Soon after its founding in 2020, the company joined Y-Combinator remotely and Altitude Lab in Salt Lake City. Known Medicine found its first home and was able to take advantage of the lab space to execute early experiments.

The team also became intimately involved in BioUtah and BioHive and now proudly display the BioHive banner. Through participation in the 2021 BioUtah Entrepreneur & Investor Life Science Summit, Known Medicine was exposed to technology being developed in the area and had the opportunity to share the company’s innovation in the startup pitch competition.

“BioUtah and the larger Utah life sciences community have allowed us to connect with other biotech founders, investors, and resources in the state,” said Andrea Mazzocchi, co-founder and CEO of Known Medicine. “The relationships we’ve built are priceless as early stage, non-Utah native founders. As part of BioUtah and BioHive, we’re excited to help create the future of biotech in Utah.”