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Intermountain Health Launches Culmination Bio

March 23, 2023

Intermountain Health today announced the launch of Culmination Bio (“Culmination”), a biotech company developing an exclusive, anonymized, and de-identified intelligence platform that creates value for patients by developing novel clinical insights, discoveries, and care processes.

Culmination’s multi-modal intelligence platform provides its customers with access to omics-level data and a powerful insights engine for medical research, health data, and healthcare services.  Real-world data and evidence generation tied to the performance of diagnostics and therapeutics is a core component of the Culmination intelligence database.

“Culmination Bio was built to expand on the success of Intermountain’s precision medicine efforts by creating longitudinal multi-modal data sets. Culmination’s powerful insights platform will unlock the next generation of discoveries to advance healthcare,” said Lincoln Nadauld, MD, PhD, CEO of Culmination. “Our focus is to discover better health for patients everywhere. Our partnership with Intermountain Health has enabled us to build a platform that will revolutionize the way we identify and implement novel clinical insights to benefit patients.”

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Culmination Bio and the launch of its cutting-edge clinical discovery platform,” said Nickolas Mark, of Intermountain Ventures. “This technology will revolutionize the way clinicians and researchers identify diseases and corresponding treatments. It has been a pleasure working with the Culmination team to build out a platform that will improve patient outcomes across the board.”

Culmination Bio has established the new leadership with the following:

·        Lincoln Nadauld, MD, PhD, President and CEO

·        Michael Wiley, JD, CPA, Chief Operating Officer

·        Mark Oldroyd, JD, MS, Chief Commercial Officer

·        McCall Rowley, Interim Chief Financial Officer

·        Casey Frankenberger, PhD, Senior Vice President, Head of Data

·        David Jones, PhD, Senior Vice President, Head of Science

·        Harry Hayter, Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships


The Culmination Intelligence Platform includes millions of data points and represents a robust environment for sophisticated queries of data to identify new diagnostic tests and treatments that will result in better care for patients.

Commercial partners, including leading technology and biopharmaceutical companies, and healthcare institutions, along with the millions of patients treated by these organizations, will partner with Culmination in an ever-expanding effort to make novel medical discoveries and advances in precision medicine.

Culmination research efforts seek to transform healthcare by providing comprehensive information on patient predisposition to disease, disease prevention and personalized intervention and treatments.

Culmination launched its platform with the help of Intermountain Ventures, the strategic investment arm of Intermountain Health, the strategic investment arm of Intermountain Healthcare a not-for-profit health system in the Western United States with 33 hospitals and over 59,000 caregivers.


About Culmination Bio

At Culmination Bio, we are guided by our values to discover better health. Our multi-disciplinary team includes physicians, scientists, operators, and commercialization and industry experts. This unique blend of expertise and skills culminates in high-value collaborations with commercial partners, including leading technology and biopharmaceutical companies, to provide novel clinical insights, discoveries, and care processes. Our unifying vision of improved healthcare for all is what drives us to continually discover new opportunities for precise, personalized care.


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New biotech company will drive clinical discovery and improve precision medicine to benefit patients