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IDbyDNA Improves Analytical Performance and User Experience of Its Explify Platform and Respiratory and Urinary Pathogen ID/AMR Panels

April 28, 2022

IDbyDNA develops Precision Metagenomic solutions with faster, comprehensive pathogen identification, quantification, and profiling powered by AI-driven genomic analysis and next-generation sequencing.

With IDbyDNA’s latest software update to the Explify® Platform, labs can now take their NGS analysis of respiratory and urinary samples to the next level with improved sample management, strengthened user management controls, an enhanced total AMR picture and detection of the latest SARS-CoV-2 variants.

The Explify Platform* is IDbyDNA’s advanced Precision Metagenomics software suite that utilizes state-of-the-art computational biology for high-confidence, sequencing-based pathogen detection and characterization – providing a complete picture of tens of thousands of microorganisms and AMR markers. The Respiratory Pathogen ID/AMR Panel (RPIP)*, launched with Illumina®, and the Explify Urinary Pathogen ID/AMR Panel (UPIP)*, utilize AI-designed enrichment probes and Illumina sequencing libraries. Leveraging the Explify Platform’s AI-driven analysis, the tests detect and quantify hundreds of pathogens and several thousand AMR markers.

Key user interface updates within the platform include the introduction of the SeqPortal application and new features within the ReviewPortal application. The platform’s new SeqPortal application now manages all sample processing metadata for multiplexed (or pooled) samples through a lab’s next-generation sequencing run, from accession entry to sample submission. Post sample-processing, users have more freedom when reviewing NGS results through individualized user management features and controls in the platform’s ReviewPortal application.

The AMR reporting capability has been enhanced two-fold: the Explify Platform now reports only AMR markers when at least one associated microorganism is also detected and provides intrinsic resistance information for all relevant pathogens.

The improvements to software analysis also result in increased functionality of both products. UPIP now detects 1,600 more AMR markers for a total of over 3,500 AMR markers relevant to commonly and less commonly used antibiotics. With Pango lineage designation updates, RPIP now detects the presence of all known SARS-CoV-2 variants up to and including the Omicron variant with greater accuracy via complete genome profiling.

This new Explify Platform software update delivers important new detection and reporting capabilities necessary for labs to accurately and comprehensively deliver complete findings of respiratory and genitourinary pathogens today.

*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.