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How St. George Became the Epicenter for a Major Global Genetics Study

June 11, 2021

The St. George Chamber of Commerce recently held a special luncheon with a presentation by Travis Sheffield, operations director for Intermountain Precision Genomics on “How St. George Became the Epicenter for a Major Global Genetics Study”.

Sheffield, who is leading the HerediGene Population Study throughout Utah, Idaho, and soon in Nevada, presented the ins and outs of the lifesaving work being done by Intermountain right here in Utah.

Through its global genetics study, Intermountain is learning how to target disease with very specific treatments and saving lives. Intermountain Precision Genomics leverages the power of next-generation sequencing and other genomic technologies to enable translational research, the clinical implementation of precision medicine, and the measurement of patient outcomes. Providing a multidisciplinary approach across oncology, cardiovascular medicine, behavioral medicine, pediatrics, and primary care.

With over 17 years of healthcare management experience, Sheffield is a professional change agent who has led various teams through highly complex projects and is skilled in bringing together disparate groups to synergistically complete a common goal. He has served as an effective coach and mentor for many, and thoroughly enjoys connecting with others to help them accomplish more than they dreamed could be possible.

Travis loves Southern Utah and has lived here since 1991 when he attended Pine View High School. After an extensive tour of 7 colleges and universities, he discovered his love of leading teams and finally settled in on a major. Upon completion of his MBA from Southern Utah University, he was recruited to teach for 8 years as a college professor at Dixie State University, then later at BYU-Idaho.

Travis served the local community as an adult leader in the Boy Scouts of America for 14 years and thoroughly enjoyed taking his Troop of 25 scouts camping every month and Summer camp every year.

His love of achieving lofty goals is manifest in his completion of several very challenging endurance events like Ragnar, LOTOJA, the Boston Marathon, and multiple Ironman races. He can be found scaling a mountain outside of work, descending a canyon, or racing to the finish line of some running or biking challenge.