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Attostat is now EVŌQ Nano – Seeks Next Round of Investment Following Antimicrobial Efficacy Studies

February 12, 2021

Attostat is now EVŌQ Nano! The Utah start-up has a new name, a clean look and a fresh website. Following years of scientific research and development, EVŌQ Nano is ready to share its story of next-generation nanotechnology and raise its next round of investment.

“We truly are a thought leader in nanotechnology,” said CEO Scott Morrison. “No one is doing the kind of science we do.” While most nanoparticles are ionic, inconsistent, expensive in large quantities, and environmentally toxic, EVŌQ Nano’s particles are not. As a result, the firm is pursuing clean, cutting-edge solutions in the biotech, energy, textile and surface-treatment arenas.

“This is a significant step,” said Kelvyn Cullimore, president and CEO of BioUtah. “The new name and look reflects the innovation and the wind in the sails of this Utah lifesciences startup.”

Using the patented AttostatTM laser ablation method, EVŌQ Nano creates non-ionic, earth-friendly nanomaterial. Those ultra-small particles are spherical, smooth and equally distributed in any aqueous solution, including clean Rocky Mountain H2O. 

With a grant from the National Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (NCFF), EVŌQ Nano recently partnered with University of Washington and Seattle Children’s Hospital to test the antimicrobial potential of EVQ-218, the key ingredient in a potential inhaled therapeutic for cystic fibrosis patients. Early efficacy data indicate EVQ-218 killed 60 pathogens tested in vitro, including some of the world’s worst superbugs. Early testing also shows bacteria do not acquire resistance over time.   

Following encouraging early toxicity studies on lung epithelial cells, EVŌQ Nano is now completing in vivo toxicology studies and preparing for its upcoming Pre-Investigational New Drug Application (Pre-IND) consultation with the FDA. 

For more information, please visit evoqnano.com. EVŌQ Nano is a proud member of BioUtah and BioHive.