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Utah COVID-19 Grant Programs Update

September 18, 2020

BioUtah is pleased to provide the life sciences community with a current summary of state COVID-19 initiatives and grant programs managed by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. Visit business.utah.gov/coronavirus to learn more.

Coronavirus Prevention Messaging Grants

Grants of up to $50,000, $75,000 or $250,000 for social media, targeted audience and mass media campaigns, respectively, supporting the state’s coronavirus.utah.gov efforts.

Apply at https://utahdcc.secure.force.com/dha until Sept. 29.

COVID-19 Commercial Rental Assistance Program (ComRent)

Currently in phase three, the program is accepting applications to provide rental or mortgage assistance for up to three months and up to $5,000 per location. A little over $10 million remains.

COVID-19 Impacted Businesses Grant Program (Shop In Utah)

Phase two was open on Sept. 14 and met with overwhelming interest. Applications are now closed, and all $55 million has been spoken for. If additional funding is provided, we’ll let you know.

COVID-19 PPE Support Grant Program (Safe In Utah)

Phase two opened on Sept. 16, providing $250 per FTE for companies to purchase PPE or undergo workplace redesigns, add signage, etc. Approximately $3 million is available.

In Utah and Healthy In Utah

Public information and education campaigns focused on supporting healthy choices and boosting Utah’s economy. Learn more at inutah.org. View campaign videos at utahgoed.info/inutahvideos.

Learn & Work In Utah

Re-skill and re-enter the workforce. This program provides free or low-cost tuition for specific training programs at 14 institutions of higher learning and technical training schools throughout the state. Learn more and access programs at participating schools at inutah.org/learn-work.

Oil, Gas and Mining Grant

This program opened on Sept. 15, with $5 million in funding. All the funding has now been claimed.

Stay Safe to Stay Open Pledge

Stay Safe to Stay Open is a statewide initiative to help businesses communicate to their consumers their pledge to follow safety guidance from the Utah Department of Health. We encourage all Utah businesses to take the pledge at stayopenutah.com.

Tourism COVID-19 Response Regional Marketing

The Utah Office of Tourism is using $12 million in CARES Act funds for cooperative marketing projects with destination marketing organizations and nonprofit organizations, additional UOT marketing targeting both in-state and surrounding out-of-state drive markets, and to assist national parks in providing outstanding visitor experiences while dealing with COVID restrictions.