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U.S. Rep. Burgess Owens Spends a Day in the BioHive

September 2, 2021

On Monday, U.S. Rep. Burgess Owens (R-UT-4) spent the day visiting a number of life sciences companies – Owlet, Spectrum Solutions, Merit Medical, Matia Robotics and ARUP Laboratories. The visits gave Owens an opportunity to learn first-hand about the med tech and diagnostic advances these companies are bringing to patients and the healthcare system at large. Matia Robotics treated Owens to a demo day at Neuroworx, where the company demonstrated its robotic mobility device for people with walking disabilities.

“We thank Represenative Owens for taking an entire day to tour innovative companies, large and small, that are part of our burgeoning BioHive,” said Kelvyn Cullimore, president and CEO of BioUtah, who accompanied Owens. “Owens clearly recognizes the importance of our industry to both Utah’s economy and patient health, and he took the time to personally see what these companies do and talk with their leadership teams about challenges and concerns.”