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Stryker: Patient impact: our inspiration

October 7, 2021

Stryker CEO, Kevin Lobo, recently shared his thoughts about his work at Stryker and what it means to help make a difference for patients:

My early career in consumer products and chemicals was enjoyable but did not have the direct impact on improving people’s lives as it does today at Stryker. I have had the opportunity to see our products in action by observing surgeries and have met many patients whose lives have been saved or enhanced by our solutions. The emotional stories that I have heard are heartwarming and inspiring. Most recently, I interviewed Sandy, a stroke survivor, who had a clot removed from her brain with our stent-retriever technology. As I spoke with her, I realized that she could easily have been my mother and that there are so many people like Sandy around the world whose lives could also be saved by our products and services.

Our mission statement is “Together with our customers, we are driven to make healthcare better.”  Patient impact is a big driver of this objective. Everybody knows someone who has benefitted from our technologies, which range from a hip or knee replacement; spine, trauma, sports medicine or extremities procedures; neurotechnology, products for sudden cardiac arrest, just to name a few.  And the opportunity for innovation continues as we look to expand and grow solutions to help patients (most recently, our acquisition of Gauss Surgical to help quantify blood loss during labor and delivery and in surgery).

It is a privilege to work at Stryker and as I connect with customers, the primary focus of our discussions is what we can do to help physicians and healthcare professionals improve the care of their patients. Knowing that we can help make a positive impact on so many lives around the world gives me an amazing sense of purpose and pushes me to work hard with our teams to achieve our mission.