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Spectrum Wins Two Science & Technology Best of State Awards

June 30, 2022

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH—Spectrum Solutions, LLC today announced it has been awarded two Utah Best of State Science & Technology Awards for Medical Innovation and Laboratory Equipment and Supplies.

“We are extremely thankful for these two awards and being recognized with a win, for the second year in a row, under Medical Innovation,” said Bill Phillips, COO of Spectrum Solutions. “These awards are truly a reflection of our teams’ tireless efforts to think differently about solving the pervasive issues facing our medical industry today and to bridge the gap between science and direct-to-patient solutions.”

At the start of the pandemic, Spectrum Solutions was the first to push the boundaries of discovery and expand the nation’s diagnostic awareness to a safer and noninvasive option using saliva. As a result, Spectrum’s saliva self-collection system including its innovative and patented preservation technology was the first to receive FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for saliva-based COVID-19 testing. Today, testing service providers, medical facilities, and laboratories around the globe are embracing and favoring saliva-based testing using Spectrum’s innovation for its unparalleled ease of use, safety, sample consistency, and unique post-collection stability for DNA, RNA, and proteins at room temperature.

Spectrum’s ongoing and pioneering saliva diagnostic innovations, products, and engineering are setting new standards of care for the testing, managing, and treatment of diseases. The vast benefits of this advance in clinical diagnostic healthcare using saliva continues to reach across the multiverse of omics and ologies impacting patient outcomes worldwide in oncology, neurology, immunology, allergies, viral infections, and more. For far too long, blood-based diagnostics and screening has been the norm. Spectrum has moved quickly to elevate standards and raise awareness of what is possible with saliva as well as offer the healthcare industry a noninvasive path forward to safely manage remote care.

The win for Laboratory Equipment and Supplies comes from the development of Spectrum’s new patient-specific compounding pharmacy and the astounding push for nationwide licensing in under a year. The addition of direct-to-patient treatment dispensing demonstrates a commitment to modernizing healthcare and showcases complete end-to-end DX to RX solutions to not only detect but monitor and treat conditions from the comfort of home.