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Soft Cell Labs announces new Urinary Tract Infection Test

August 8, 2022

Soft Cell Labs, Inc., a St. George-based biotech company, today announced the launch of a new test for complex or chronic urinary tract infections. Using leading-edge technology developed by ThermoFisher (https://www.thermofisher.com), a world leader in medical diagnostics, the test employs polymerase chain-reaction (PCR), the ultra-sensitive process utilized in the COVID-19 test that Soft Cell and many other labs throughout the world have used since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Abbreviated UTM (Urinary Tract Microbiome), the test can detect twenty-three bacteria and one fungus known to be associated with chronic and recurrent urinary tract infections. Our test is not affected by current antibiotic use and accurately detects a wider range of microorganisms than standard urinary tract infection tests. While other tests can take up to thirty hours of culturing time and may result in significant false negative results, ours detects harmful microorganisms without needing to culture them, thus allowing reporting of results within one day of receipt of samples in our labs. 

The test has the following internal validations: 

  • • 100% Analytical Accuracy 
  • • 99.59% Analytical Specificity 
  • • 99.67% Reproducibility 
  • • 100 cfu/μl LODs (colony-forming units/microliter Limits of Detection) 

All testing is performed in our St. George laboratory. Samples may be shipped from most states 

using urine-collecting kits and insulated shipping boxes that we will send upon request. 

About Soft Cell Labs 

Soft Cell Labs is a high-complexity, CLIA-certified diagnostic laboratory specializing in infectious diseases. Our mission is to provide quality laboratory services in an accurate and timely manner. We strive to meet the needs of the community using specialty laboratory tests to aid physicians with complex diagnostic needs, providing consistent, current, and high-quality results. Our exceptional customer service demonstrates our concern for the patient and customer. 

Contact Information 

Phone: (435) 628-2215 

Email: support@softcelllabs.com 

Website: softcelllabs.com