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April 17, 2020

BioUtah has teamed with a local representative of BAMKO to accumulate small orders for Personal Protective Equipment to reach Minimum Order Quantities not easily reached by individual companies.  BAMKO and its affiliate company, Superior, are leading manufacturers of PPE.  For more about these companies, click here.
Products available include face masks (surgical and KN95) gloves and face shields.  Information on KN95 particulate respirators can be seen here.  Information on Single-use face masks can be seen here. Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes will also be available in the near future.  To place an order, first click here to add your order to the cumulative orders being placed.  The line you choose to enter your order quantity is identified by a PO# in the first column.  That  PO# should then be copied and the information re-entered on the BAMKO Order form and submitted to Leez Osterstock with Market Share Promotions (MSP), the authorized agent for BAMKO.  Click here for a letter of authorization verifyingMSP’s agency with BAMKO.  Contact information for Leez is801-580-6044 and email leez@marketsharepromos.com.
It is anticipated the next order will be placed on April 21stand take 3 weeks for delivery.  Payment must be made in advance and the order is non-cancellable.
Companies may also order cloth face masks.  Information can be seen here.  Orders can be placed through MSP.
Click here for PPE  Supplies Order Information.