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MDMA Urgent Request: Medical Supplies for Ukraine Needed

March 3, 2022

The recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia has tragically led to a massive humanitarian crisis of over 500,000 Ukranians fleeing their country to neighboring states. As a result, the United States is working with other nations to help secure much needed medical supplies and other resources to assist those who are seeking refuge.

The United States Department of Commerce has reached out and asked us to share the following information regarding medical technologies that Poland and Romania are seeking to help the refugees who are now in their respective nations.

Please find the contact information below regarding any questions you might have if your company is able to help, and you can CLICK HERE to see what medical technologies they are looking for.


Andrew Glass
Commercial Officer, U.S. Embassy Ankara, Turkey
Mobile/WhatsApp: +90-532-373-5039

Medical technology innovators – and MDMA members in particular – have a proud tradition of supporting relief efforts throughout the world, and we thank you in advance for any help you and your team are able to provide.