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Javara and Ogden Clinic launch partnership to advance clinical trial access

August 19, 2021

Javara and Ogden Clinic are proud to announce the launch of a partnership to integrate industry-sponsored clinical trials at the point of care for Ogden Clinic patients. Ogden Clinic has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to clinical research and is well-positioned for scale across all specialties. Through this partnership, Javara will enable access to clinical trials for patients throughout the Ogden Clinic network by providing extensive services to support and conduct research. The Ogden Clinic currently spans 20 locations in northern Utah and includes 171 practitioners across 24 specialties.

“We are honored to partner with Ogden Clinic to build a robust clinical trial offering to serve the needs of patients in Ogden and surrounding communities,” said Jennifer J. Byrne, CEO of Javara. “This relationship allows Javara to continue expansion into new regions across the country, providing opportunities for more physicians and patients to participate in clinical research. Together, we are working to transform the integration of clinical research with clinical care, ensuring patients have the opportunity to leverage clinical research as a care option through their trusted provider relationship.”

Javara will embed clinical research infrastructure and site staff, led by Javara’s experienced Clinical Trial Navigators, who will work alongside the practitioners and medical staff to scale clinical trial operations. Javara and Ogden Clinic anticipate early clinical trials in general medicine, pediatrics, and dermatology, with initial trials expected to begin in 4th quarter of 2021.

“We are committed to providing holistic, comprehensive, personalized healthcare solutions – from the beginning to the end of a patient’s journey,” said Ogden Clinic CEO Kevin Porter. “We are thrilled to partner with Javara to help us continue to provide improved outcomes for patient-centered care.”


About Javara

Javara is the leading Integrated Research Organization (IRO) partnering with large healthcare organizations in local communities across the US to integrate clinical research into clinical care. Our access to broad diverse patient populations through their trusted physicians ensures clinical trials are completed with high enrollment and retention for quality data delivery. Javara’s centralized resources and standardized operations provide efficiencies for accelerated study start-up and quality outcomes, so fewer obstacles stand in the way of the product approval process. Our team includes experienced clinical research leaders who have collectively led 10,000+ trials and engaged 200,000+ patients in clinical trials. As pioneers of Clinical Research as a Care Option (CRAACO), Javara is transforming healthcare and changing lives by connecting the right patients to the right trials at the right time. For more information, please visit Javararesearch.com.


About Ogden Clinic

Founded in 1950, Ogden Clinic has grown from a single location into a respected corporation with 20 locations and over 1000 employees, including 180 healthcare providers across 26 specialties. Ogden Clinic has become a staple in the community with leading medical experts providing quality healthcare to people across northern Utah.


Javara Media Contact:
Shannon Severino