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IONIQ Sciences Announces MedTech Breakthrough Award for “Oncology Innovation of the Year 2021”

November 23, 2021

IONIQ Sciences, Inc. has been awarded the prestigious “Oncology Innovation of the Year 2021” by MedTech Breakthrough Awards. IONIQ Sciences is decoding the science of the body’s earliest response to the presence of cancer. IONIQ aims to be the first to apply electrical impedance analytics (EIA) to assess the likelihood of malignancy in patients at-risk for lung cancer. This innovation could result in a non-invasive, point-of-care method to detect cancer in its earliest, most treatable stages. Simply put, this is the modernization of cancer detection.

About MedTech Breakthrough Awards
The spirit of the MedTech Breakthrough Awards is to highlight the BREAK THROUGH products, solutions and companies within the crowded digital health & medical technology markets. MedTech Breakthrough judges have earned a reputation for fairness and credibility and the previous award winners provide an example of the caliber of companies involved. Judges are senior-level, experienced health, medical and technology professionals that have personally worked in the MedTech space. https://medtechbreakthrough.com/2021-winners/

About IONIQ Sciences, Inc.
IONIQ Sciences, Inc. is developing an advanced multi-cancer screening technology for early detection that has the potential to expand the therapeutic window, dramatically improve survivability and reduce the cost of healthcare. IONIQ Sciences operates at the confluence of its Electrical Impedance Analytics (EIA) or bioimpedance technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI). IONIQ Science’s first product utilizing its proprietary analytic platform, the IONIQ ProLung Test™ for lung cancer, has been designated a Breakthrough Device by the U.S. FDA.


For further information about IONIQ Sciences, Inc., please contact:
Andy Robertson | 1-801-736-0729 | acr@IONIQsciences.com
IONIQ Sciences, Vice President of Business Development

IONIQ Sciences, Inc.
350 W. 800 N., Suite 214
Salt Lake City, Utah 84103