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Epitel Publishes First Peer-Reviewed Research Paper

July 1, 2021

BioUtah congratulates the Epitel team on its first peer-reviewed manuscript, “Electrographic Seizure Monitoring with a Novel, Wireless, Single-Channel EEG Sensor,” comparing Epilog EEG to the clinical gold-standard of traditional EEG. The publication appears in Clinical Neurophysiology Practice.

People living with epilepsy could benefit by having a more accurate and objective wearable EEG system for counting seizures that can be used outside of the hospital. The objective of the study was to (1) determine which seizure types can be electrographically recorded from the scalp below the hairline, (2) determine epileptologists’ ability to identify electrographic seizures from single-channels extracted from full-montage wired-EEG, and (3) determine epileptologists’ ability to identify electrographic seizures from Epilog, a wireless single-channel EEG sensor.

Highlights of the research include:

  • Epileptologists can accurately review single-channel EEG data.
  • All seizures were visible in single-channel EEG from at least one Epilog location.
  • Epileptologists review of Epilog EEG is more accurate than personal seizure diaries.

“This first published manuscript is a significant development for Epitel,” said Kelvyn Cullimore, president and CEO of BioUtah. “It shows that the company’s innovative technology can improve and more effectively monitor seizure activity in patients with epilepsy.”

As the manuscript notes, :Wearable EEG will be important for seizure monitoring outside of the hospital. Epileptologists can accurately identify seizures in single-channel EEG, better than patient self-reporting in diaries based on the literature”.

Epitel’s next manuscript is out for review in a special edition of Frontiers Neurology: “Seizure Forecasting and Detection: Computational Models, Machine Learning, and Translation into Devices “.