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Clene Nanomedicine’s Patent Portfolio Grows to More Than 150 Issued Worldwide, including Two Key Patents Now Validated Across Europe

December 16, 2021

Clene Inc. announced it has validated key patents granted by the European Patent Office that protect the Company’s breakthrough processes, devices and methods for treating certain disease indications for its nanotherapeutic drugs.

A broad, foundational patent granted in Europe titled “Continuous Methods for Treating Liquids and Manufacturing Certain Constituents (e.g., Nanoparticles) in Liquids, Apparatuses and Nanoparticles and Nanoparticle/Liquid Solution(s) Resulting Therefrom” affords critical patent protection for Clene in the world’s largest healthcare markets as the Company expects topline results from a Phase 3 registration study of its lead drug candidate, CNM-Au8®, a gold nanocrystal suspension, for the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The patent covers a broad set of process and device claims pertaining to Clene’s platform electrochemical technology for making aqueous solutions and suspensions of metallic ions and/or nanocrystals.

The second patent granted by the European Patent Office titled “Methods and Treatment for Certain Demyelination-Based Disorders and/or Promoting Remyelination” addresses the use of gold nanosuspensions for the treatment of certain diseases.

“Clene’s technology, which is at the intersection of physics and biology, is potentially the first to effectively address cellular energetic failure, the root cause of many neurological diseases,” said Rob Etherington, Clene’s President and CEO. “Our revolutionary approach to improve energy production to promote neuroprotection and remyelination is protected by our expanding patent estate across major global markets. These two most recently granted patents in Europe provide broad protection, ranging from methods of manufacturing and novel devices used for manufacturing, as well as methods for treating certain disease indications.”

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