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Canary Speech and Constant Companion Partner to Help Diagnose Behavioral Health Issues

April 30, 2021

Utah Business Magazine has highlighted a new partnership between Constant Companion and Canary Speech to study how voice technology can be used to identify human conditions in specific populations.

Canary Speech will analyze the data with its patented speech digital biomarker technology, used to diagnose behavioral conditions and other diseases. Constant Companion will be utilizing its patented, voice-operated, AI-powered platform used by older adults and their caregivers to facilitate better communication and monitoring.

“Canary speech is offering new innovative tools to identify disease and human condition,” said Kelvyn Cullimore, president and CEO of BioUtah.

The partnership will help enable both companies to put metrics around human conditions and define what patterns reveal certain diseases. Canary Speech will analyze both the words of a patient and the emotions with which they speak, to capture critical mental and behavioral health data that can help identify depression, anxiety, or stress.  The company has identified more than 2,500 biomarkers in speech that are consistent for a disease across a range of individuals.

“This is truly a groundbreaking partnership that will allow us to analyze data that will help advance the care of our aging population,” says Henry O’Connell, founder and CEO of Canary Speech. “Our ultimate goal is to study these biomarkers and increase the quality of care clinical teams provide to patients.”

Ultimately the study will enhance the information available to clinical teams about their patients and increase quality of care.

Canary Speech is the global leader in the speech digital biomarker industry by achieving real-time vocal analysis on as little as 40 seconds of speech using smart devices.

Constant Companion keeps people engaged, connected, and protected 24/7. The company’s voice-activated systems for healthcare, home care, and senior communities offer a more accessible communication medium.