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BioUtah Enters M.O.U. with Hangshou Yuhang Economic-Technological Development Area

February 7, 2020

BioUtah was contacted last fall by James Moore, a Utah native, who now serves as the Senior Government Consultant, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Bureau, Hangshou Yuhang Economic-Technological Development Area. In late January, Mr. Moore was accompanied by representatives of industry in Hangzhou to explore opportunities for a mutual relationship in between Hangzhou and Utah. Specific interest was expressed in connecting with the life sciences industry in Utah. One company from Hangzhou, Diagens, met with several local medical device manufacturers to discuss the possibility of a mutual relationship wherein Diagens could partner in assisting to get products approved in China, manufactured in China and/or distributed through Diagens. Another entrepreneur was interested in the possibility of setting up an incubator type operation in Utah.

There were also discussions about the incentives being offered by the Hangzhou District for life science manufacturers and the plans to make Hangzhou District a premier manufacturer of life science products. Its location allows for lower cost of operations while still having access to large metropolitan areas.

An MOU was signed between the Hangzhou District, World Trade Center Utah and BioUtah indicating a desire to work together for the common good of all parties. BioUtah is grateful to James Moore for making Utah a top priority in their economic development plans in China and welcomes the opportunity to explore the possibilities for future economic development.