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Biosafety Startup, R-Zero Acquires Leading Workplace Intelligence Platform, CoWorkr

July 22, 2021

South Salt Lake-based R-Zero, the first biosafety technology company dedicated to creating safer, healthier indoor spaces, announced July 20 its acquisition of CoWorkr, the leading property technology company offering privacy-first space utilization sensors for data-driven workplaces.

Fresh off its Series B raise closed in June, R-Zero’s first acquisition accelerates speed to market for an IoT sensor network that will provide critical real-time visibility and data insights, enabling intelligent, closed-loop automation of R-Zero’s disinfection ecosystem for businesses across all industries.

The acquisition also comes at a critical moment as companies across the country begin returning to a permanently altered workplace, impacted by the pandemic and seeking innovations to protect workers in the future.
R-Zero’s acquisition of CoWorkr brings a layer of data and intelligence to our biosafety platform that enables us to create smart and healthy buildings designed for how people actually interact,” said Grant Morgan, CEO and Co-Founder of R-Zero. “Space utilization is a critical determinant of risk. CoWorkr’s robust IoT sensor network allows us to quantify health risk better than ever before, by virtue of understanding where people are in a given space. By closing the loop between occupancy, risk and disinfection, businesses can successfully measure and manage indoor productivity and health with a level of sophistication and ease that until now has not existed. CoWorkr not only brings cutting edge technology and an industry leading platform, but a team of thought leaders with deep expertise in workplace intelligence and optimization.”
The acquisition also comes at a critical moment as companies across the country begin returning to a permanently altered workplace. Employers must navigate uncharted hybrid work models while ensuring safety for a returning workforce that now possesses an acute awareness of the impact indoor environments have on their overall health. The combination of R-Zero and CoWorkr’s best-in-class technologies provides the insights and tools to enable businesses to make more intelligent decisions about how to adapt and manage their spaces in response to an ever-changing, post-pandemic workplace environment. With comprehensive utilization data of their buildings, employers and facilities operators can better understand how the workplace is utilized and effectively adjust the risk profile of their spaces – prioritizing the health and safety of occupants.





The acquisition was also reported in TechCrunch.