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August 26, 2021

  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Given last year to Gary Crocker 
    • Should be a person from industry or academia who has made significant contributions to the life sciences community.  Preferably these contributions would have been made primarily in the state or have a strong link to the state of Utah.  Contributions could include founding and building up a company, building up and exiting several companies, facilitating the advancement of the industry over a lifetime, the invention of significant products that have had industry-wide impact, significant capital raising, providing employment for a significant number of people, someone who has successfully turned companies around, or a person who has made unique discoveries that have resulted in successful products being developed.  


  • Entrepreneur of the Year – Given last year to Chris Gibson
    • This award recognizes a current executive who has successfully brought products or concepts to market that are unique, disruptive or significant enhancements to the current standards of care.  The concepts should be embodied in a company that has emerged from a concept stage and have been commercialized or have a path to commercialization.  It may also recognize industry personnel who have been serial entrepreneurs and not previously recognized.  


  • Executive of the Year – Given last year to Randy Rasmussen
    • Many companies in Utah have had sustained success over the years or are in a stage of growth that presents particular challenges.  It may also be an executive who has successfully battled a particularly challenging situation within their company.  This would typically be an executive of a larger company that is mature with commercialized products.  That does not mean an executive of an emerging company would not be eligible, but this award is intended to highlight those who have excelled in the world of commercialized products and operating companies on a larger scale.  


  • Innovation Impact Award – Given last year to Spectrum Solutions 
    • This award targets a company as opposed to an individual.  It is intended to recognize a particular breakthrough product or innovation.  The company may be at commercial stage or development stage.  But the product should be well beyond concept.  This is to highlight a technology that is truly breakthrough or unique.  Not unlike the description in the Entrepreneur of the Year, but company focused instead of individually focused.  


  • Friend of the Industry Award – Given last year to Mayor Erin Mendenhall.  
    • Our industry is one that leverages relationships and thrives on partnerships.  There are many who are not direct industry executives that make significant contributions to the industry success.  This award is intended to look outside the industry to someone or some entity that has made notable contributions to the success of our industry in Utah.


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