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A Farewell Message from GOED’s Val Hale

December 4, 2020

I frequently remind my team and legislators that economic development is a journey, not a destination. And what a journey it has been for me the last six-and-a-half years!

When Gov. Gary Herbert asked me to take this job in 2014, Utah was still feeling the residual effects of the Great Recession. However, our economy was building momentum and, thanks to our amazing business leaders and good public policy, we have become the country’s brightest economic star.

My primary contribution in helping Utah become an economic juggernaut has been surrounding myself with ridiculously talented people on our GOED team. I want to thank each of them for the tremendous job they do every day serving the state of Utah. I also need to acknowledge members of the GOED Board. They are 15 of Utah’s best and brightest business leaders from across the state and have given excellent guidance to the GOED team.

And while I am handing our kudos, I should give a shout-out to Gov. Herbert. He has never apologized for making economic development his top priority (along with education). He has traveled throughout this country and across the globe, evangelizing about Utah and its great business environment. He has been the state’s biggest and best cheerleader.

As I ride off into the sunset, I am confident Utah will continue to thrive economically. I have full confidence that Gov.-elect Spencer Cox will proudly carry the banner and that Utah’s entrepreneurial spirit will continue to thrive and prosper.

To all the friends I have made across the state, I thank you for making my time at GOED a most remarkable and incredible journey. Retirement awaits, and I’ll let you know when I reach my final destination.

Val Hale
vhale@utah.gov(until 1/8/21)