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April 2, 2020

Wasatch County has issued a Stay At Home Order effective through April 14, 2020.  Here are the key elements.

  • Health Care and Public Health Operations are designated as Essential Businesses and include the following in the definition:  “pharmaceutical, pharmacy, medical device and equipment, and biotechnology companies (including operations, research and development, manufacture, and supply chain” …Specifically included in Health Care and Public Health Operations are manufacturers, technicians, logistics, and warehouse operators and distributors of medical equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE), medical gases, pharmaceuticals, blood and blood products, vaccines, testing materials, laboratory supplies, cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting or sterilization supplies, and tissue and paper towel products.”
  • The definition also includes:  “Manufacturing companies, distributors, and supply chain companies producing and supplying essential products and services in and for industries such as pharmaceutical, technology, biotechnology, Health Care, chemicals and sanitization, waste pickup and disposal, agriculture, food and beverage, transportation, energy, steel and steel products, petroleum and fuel, forest products, mining, construction, national defense, communications, as well as products used by other Essential Businesses and Operations.”
  • Essential Businesses are expected to comply as much as possible with Personal Distancing Requirements as noted:
    • a. Maintain six-foot distances from all other people. Designating with signage, tape, or by other means six-foot spacing for employees and customers in line to maintain appropriate distance;
    •  b. Hand sanitizer and sanitizing products. Having hand sanitizer and sanitizing products, or hand washing readily available for employees and customers, and should promote all individuals to wash or sanitize their hands often; 
    • c. No illness. Any person with signs of infections illness, including COVID-19 symptoms of cough, shortness of breath, or fever (sweating & chills) may not work outside of their residence, or go to any public place except for essential medical care. People who have symptoms are encouraged to have neighbors or friends do their shopping and necessary errands for them, leave the products on the doorstep, and use Venmo or an equivalent means of paying for the products without any direct personal contact; and
    • d. Separate operating hours for vulnerable populations. It is recommended that businesses implementing separate operating hours for elderly and vulnerable customers; and
    • e. Online and remote access. It is recommended that businesses post online whether a facility is open and how best to reach the facility and continue services by phone or remotely, and that carry out type businesses prominently display instructions at a location visible from outside how to accesses products or services, so as to avoid customers from congregating or entering the business.

This order applies to businesses and citizens in Wasatch County.  If a citizen works for an Essential Business outside the county they may travel to that business.

The order also prohibits non-residents of Wasatch County from visiting for recreational purposes.


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